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House Party 93
The Piano Intro
Driving the City
Sync Storm
The Piano Intro
Black Magic Fact
Black Magic Fact
Drum Upbeat
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Silence Obscure
Track 1
Ambient Mix
Track 1
Piper 28

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Our state-of-the-art AI understands music theory and genre conventions, allowing you to create unique tracks in any style. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or a complete song, from EDM to blues, our tool adapts to your needs, saving you time and enhancing your creativity.

100% AI Music Generated
100% AI Music Generated
100% AI Music Generated
100% AI Music Generated
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"Using this platform has transformed how I produce music. It's intuitive, powerful, and perfect for anyone looking to innovate with AI.
– Alex Chen
Independent Artist

Design Stunning
Album Artwork

Transform your musical vision
into captivating visual art

Say goodbye to generic stock photos. Our AI-powered image generator creates unique, eye-catching album covers that perfectly capture the essence of your music. From abstract art to genre-specific imagery, create the perfect visual companion for your music effortlessly.

Craft Perfect
Lyrics Instantly

Generate engaging lyrics
tailored to your music

Whether you need a catchy hook or a full set of verses, our AI lyric generator is here to inspire. Input themes, emotions, or even a few key phrases, and watch as the AI creates lyrics that resonate with your musical style and message.

Strike One
(Verse 1)
Yo, I wake up in the morning, sun cutting through the dark,
In the heart of the ghetto, life ain't no walk in the park,
Struggle on every corner, but I wear my mark,
One strike against me, but I'ma leave my mark.

Hustle hard, hustle smart, gotta keep my head up,
In the game of life, ain't no time to let up,
Strike one, they say, but I ain't gonna give up,
I'ma rise above, fill my own damn cup.

Strike one, they labeled me, but I just begun,
From the ghetto to the stars, like the rising sun,
Strike one, but I ain't done, I ain't gonna run,
I'ma stand my ground, till my time has come (...)
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Peaks of Wave
(Verse 1)
In the heart of the wild, where the whispering winds speak,
There's a trail that leads to the peaks of wave.
Through the labyrinth of trees, where the secrets lie deep,
There's a love story waiting to be engraved.

Peaks of wave, where our hearts beat as one,
Underneath the canvas painted by the midnight sun.
In the echoes of the mountains, in the valleys we roam,
Peaks of wave, where love finds its home.

(Verse 2)
As we climb the steep path, hand in hand, we tread,
Like two diamonds shining, in the wealth of love we spread.
In the silence of the woods, where the stars overhead,
Mirror the journey, where our souls are led (...)
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The Castle
In the castle, where fear takes its toll,
Where every corner echoes the lost soul.
In the castle, where despair takes control,
A monument of agony, swallowing whole.

In the castle, where truth is a twisted lie,
Where the innocent scream but their cries defy.
In the castle, where the brave dare not comply,
Their spirits shattered, under the devils' sly.

In the castle, beneath the starless sky,
Where darkness reigns, and the innocent die.
In the castle, where the devils lie,
Weaving tales of terror, their unholy cry (...)
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Dream Catcher
(Verse 1)
In a world of color, where the sun paints the skies,
There's a dream catcher hanging, where the moonlight lies.
It sparkles and twirls, in the soft evening glow,
Catching all the dreams, that the stars bestow.

Dream catcher, dream catcher, up so high,
Catch the dreams that through the night sky fly.
Weave them into stories, of princesses and knights,
Of magical creatures, and enchanting nights.

(Verse 2)
In your web of wonder, where dreams intertwine,
You hold precious stories, in each delicate line.
With your feathers whispering, in the gentle wind's song,
You cradle our dreams, all the night long (...)
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Frequently Asked

Curious about Sonaar Music? Find answers to common questions below and discover how our AI-powered platform is revolutionizing music creation.

Can I use the generated content commercially?

With a paid plan, yes, all content generated on our platform is royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes. You retain full rights to the music, lyrics, and artwork you create using our tools. With free plan, you can use the generated content for personal use.

Our free tier offers 5 generations per day. For additional credits, we have monthly plans available. Check out our pricing plans designed to suit various needs and budgets.

Not at all! Our platform is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. The AI adapts to your level of input and guidance.

Updated (very) Frequently.
Our AI tools and features
just keep getting better.
With regular updates and new features dropping every few weeks, we make sure this creation hub is built-to-last.

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